Django is a Python-based free and open-source web framework that follows the model–template–views architectural pattern. Built by experienced developers, it takes care of much of the hassle of Web development, so you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel. It’s free and open source.

Django Course Overview

Created by industry experts, this comprehensive Python Django training course will make you an expert in various aspects of Django including Django REST framework, Django AJAX, Django jQuery, and other Django models. Learners will be taught the basics of Python and also its applied concepts including writing Python scripts, operating around files in Python, working with databases, creating views, templates, and REST APIs in Django. Also, several case studies and hands-on projects have been included in the training to ensure that each learner would be able to ponder and implement Python Django in real time.


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What you will learn ?

Introduction To Django, Model and Database
  • What is a Web Framework?
  • What is a Django?
  • History of Django
  • Features of Django
  • Django Installation
Django View
  • Django View
  • Django View Example
  • Types of Views
    1. Function Based Views
    2. Class Based Views

Django Template
  • What is Django Template?
  • Why Django Template?
  • Template System Basics
  • How Django Finds Template
  • Django Template Tags & Filter
  • Render a HTML Template as Response
  • Template Inheritance
  • Using Template System
  • Rendering Template
Django Forms & Model Forms
  • What is a form?
  • The Django's Forms
  • Initializing forms in views
  • Validation of data with forms
  • Rendering Forms as HTML
  • Model forms
  • Saving model forms in to database

Form validation, URL mapping
  • Form validation
    1. Adding validators to model form
    2. Adding additional validators to model fields
    3. Validators that work on multiple fields
  • URL Mapping
    1. What is a URL?
    2. How does Django Server interpret URLs?
    3. URL Function
    4. URL Patterns/Dispatcher
    5. How do URLs work in Django?
    6. Your first Django URL !
Database Connectivity & Migrations, Django Middleware
  • Django Database Connectivity
  • Django Middleware
    1. What is Django Middleware
    2. Django Architecture
    3. Django's old middleware
    4. Django's new middleware
    5. Middleware Example
    6. Creating Own Middleware
    7. Activating Middleware
    8. Other Middleware Methods

Request & Response, Django Exception
  • Request and Response
    1. Django HttpRequest
    2. Request and Response Objects
    3. HttpRequest Attributes – Django
    4. HttpRequest Methods – Django

  • Django Exception
    1. Django Exception Classes
    2. Django URL Resolver Exceptions
    3. Django Database Exceptions
    4. Django Http Exceptions
    5. Django Transaction Exceptions
    6. Django Exception Example
Django Sessions, Cookie
  • Django Session
    1. What are Sessions?

  • Django Cookie
    1. Django Cookie
    2. Django Cookie Example

Django Rest Framework
  • Introduction
  • DRF setup
  • RESTful Structure
  • DRF Quick Start
    1. Model Serializer
    2. Update Views
    3. Update URLs
    4. Test

  • Refactor for REST
    1. GET
    2. Datetime Format
    3. POST
    4. Author Format
    5. Delete

Course Content



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