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Learn to create useful chatbots using Python programming and Artificial Intelligence. 

  • To build an entire chatbot from beginning to end, using professional and efficient techniques.
  • To learn to train your chatbot AI to understand users and reply with a relevant answer.
  • To know how to set up auto-reply messages.



Course Outline

1. Control Structure
2. Introduction to Python
3. Functions
4. Built in Functions
5. Dictionary Case Study
6. List Comprehension and Dictionary Comprehension
7. Module
8. Built In Modules
9. File Handling and Exception Handling
10. Object Oriented Programming using Python
11. OOPS Application
12. Inheritance, Polymorphism, Overloading and Overriding
13. Regular Expression: With Case Study
14. Iterator, Generator and Collection Framework
15. Data Structure



  • 1 Live/Recorded Session
  • Two Sample Modules PDF
  • Free Reference Ebook
  • Course Content
  • Senior Trainer
  • Interactive Learner Dashboard
  • Sample Module Quiz
  • Online Test
  • 24X7 System Support

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