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Python for Network Engineer Course is designed for networking and security professionals. This course will help network engineer to automate network configuration using Python Script. 

1. Understanding Python Scripting Syntax. 

2. Object-Oriented Programming using Python. 

3. File Handling and Exceptional Handling Using Python

4. Regular Expression 

5. Pickle, JSON, XML, YML, os, sys, glob, re modules with a case study.

6. Multithreading using Python

7. GNSLab set up using Cisco 7200 IOS series 

8. Netmiko and Paramiko Lab

9. SNMP, Neconf, YAML, Py-YDK, YIN

10. TOSCA vs YANG Model

11. Python Project for Network Automation 

Prerequisite: Participants should have Basic Python + Networking Skills.


LAB Requirements

Ubuntu 18.X / Windows10 / MAC


CPU : High Speed Core5 or Core 7 

Anaconda with Python3.7 

GNS3 LAB with 7200 Router Series Image + Appliance.

GNS Virtual Lab 

Docker with YDK-Py 

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