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Ruby is a Object Oriented Scripting language which is quick to learn, easy to deploy and provides substantial functionality required for e-commerce. Learn how to use RSpec, the Ruby testing framework that can help developers be more productive, write better code, and reduce bugs during development. Explains the basic syntax of RSpec and then dives straight into writing and running test examples. This modules include how to use a variety of matchers to test for expected conditions, provides techniques for testing efficiently, and demonstrates how test doubles can stand in for objects and methods. The Training session will give full hands-on in Ruby Cucumber Web Automation Testing Training. We will work throughout the session on Ruby, Cucumber,Watir, Page-Object, Rest Client, Rake, Ruby Gems etc.

Installing Ruby on your favourite operating system Running Ruby using the interactive Ruby shell (irb) and writing Ruby program files Using Ruby's documentation system to get help Installing external Ruby libraries using RubyGems Ruby Pry for Debugging Ruby Automation Testing using RSpec Introduction to BDD and Cucumber Watir Framework, Page-Object Ruby Gems Building Rest Client • Learn to install and configure Ruby and Rails • Understand the Model-View-Controller framework architecture • Learn to program in Ruby • Learn to build database-driven applications with Ruby on Rails • Learn to work with templates • Learn to use Ajax in Ruby on Rails applications • Learn to test Ruby on Rails applications

The participants taking Ruby on Rails Training course must be familiar with the general principles of object oriented programming (OOP).

Hardware: 8GB RAM/ 100GB HDD Software : Windows or Mac or or Cent OS7 or Ubuntu16.04 For Ruby ide , Sublime3 Text Editor, Ruby Mine Browser : FireFox, Chrome Ruby2.4 Onwards ( Or Latest Version ) Cucumber Watir Ruby Third Party Gems Ruby Rest Client High Speed Internet Connectivity, Admin Permission is Must

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