Chat-bot application development

Sanket Lolge   28 January,2021  

What is a Chatbot?

For a deeper understanding of Chatbot, we can define it as a computer program that impersonates human conversations in its natural format, which may include text (since the advent of bots) or spoken language using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and audio analysis. One of the primary aspects of an AI-based bot is that it is dynamic.

AI-based bots learn from the previous interactions and in retrospect, become more intelligent to handle conversations that are more complex.


Understand if the chatbot is the right fit :

Chatbots are a good idea if: 

– Your team performs a lot of routine and repetitive tasks 

– You receive a lot of questions on the same topic 

– You are looking for ways to cut customer service costs

– You have multilingual customers

– You have multichannel customer support 

– Your customers reach out to you outside your working hours and you want to provide 24/7 support to them

– You want to upgrade your marketing efforts 

– You want to help sales with lead generation and qualification 

– You want to stand out from your competitors 

– You want not to fall behind the competition 


How do the Chatbots function?

The main technology that lies behind chatbots is NLP and Machine Learning.

When a question is presented to a chatbot, a series or complex algorithms process the received input, understand what the user is asking, and based on that, determines the answer suitable to the question.

Chatbots have to rely on the ability of the algorithms to detect the complexity of both text and spoken words. Some chatbots perform very well to the point it becomes difficult to differentiate whether the user is a machine or a human.

However, handling complex conversations is a huge challenge; where there is a usage of various figures of speech, it may be difficult for machines to understand.